I woke up on the floor with only my briefs on. Scarlett Johansson stood up and walked towards me, her heels clicking on the floor. "You wake, big boy?" "Yeah..." She pushed me against the wall and her leg flew up and she placed it on the wall. Her leg graced my side. "Are you ready? I still haven't let you in here." I looked down and saw her underwear exposed under her dress. "Ummm..." I blushed. "Don't worry." She caressed my face. As she kissed me, her hands moved down to my chest. She pinched my nipples and wiggles them


around. I shook in pain. "It hurts?" "Mmhmm... ow!" Scarlett bit down on my nipple, baring her teeth. "Rrrrr!!!" She looked up at me. One hand massaged my chest and the other slipped to my back and reached my butt. She clenched the cheek, and then a finger entered the crack. "Whoa! OK!" "Hold still." As she wiggled it around, I closed my eyes. "I wasn't... expecting this..." She moved down even more and bit down on my groin. "AAHH!" She moved it around, her teeth digging into my cock and balls. She repositioned herself, her leg still looming over me. She pressed her crotch against mine and began to grind it back and forth. "Ohhh..." She smiled, and then grabbed my head, forcing it between her breasts. "Don't make a sound." My face was pressed in between her lovely breasts. Then, she took a step back, and her leg pressed up against my erect groin. Her knee and thigh rubbed up against my underwear. "Getting hard... mmm..." She bit her lip, and released me. She licked my nipples, as her high heels lightly touched my balls. Then, she kicked me in the balls, hard. I doubled over, clutching my aching crotch. It was painful. "Stand up." She grabbed me and forced me to my feet. She grabbed hold of my aching crotch, her fingers digging into it. "Ohhh...owww..." She pulled my groin up, and then pulled it down. "Do you want to be inside me?" "Yes...Scarlett..." "Then, endure it." She swung her fist into my crotch, punching it and squeezing it. Her arm kept my head in a lock. She bit my chest. She drove her knee into my crotch, lifting me off the floor. Then, she pinned me to the floor and used her feet to stimulate my aching crotch. As she licked my chest, she removed my briefs, revealing my red penis. "Ooohh..." She took off her clothes and inserted me inside her. As she rode me, she scratched my chest and stomach. And as I was about to climax, she got off of me and kneed me in the balls three times. I came, but it hurt. She stared into my eyes and smiled. "Too bad."