Rosie pushed me onto the bed, and lifted her leg, stomping on my crotch with her high heel. I winced in pain. "Happy to meet your idol?" She twisted her foot back and forth. "Ahhh..." "Hurts?" I nodded. She pressed down on my groin, and I closed my eyes. Rosie smiled. "You're cute." She lifted her foot off my groin and


pushed me to the floor. She stripped me of my clothes. My wrists were tied above my head and my ankles tied to the floor, my legs spread. Rosie stripped down to her underwear and dropped her shirt on my penis. She pressed my penis with her foot and grabbed it between her toes. Then she stepped on my balls, squishing them into the floor. "AHHH!" She blindfolded and gagged me. She leaned over me, and then ran her knee into my balls. I shook in pain. "Just a little more pain." She reached down and grabbed hold of my crotch. Her fingers dug into my penis and balls. She shook it around, and cried out in pain, but the gag blocked my cries. Finally, she let go and kissed my cheek. She twisted my nipples and licked them. Then, she used her hand and began to stimulate my shaft. After I got hard, she lifted me up and one arm held my chest close to her body. The other hand continued to wank me off. "Feel good?" "Mmmm..." My arms were tied behind my back, and my ankles were bound together.