Hela threw Valkyrie into the throne room, before lifting her up by her throat. "I'm the goddess of death." She


threw her down, and while standing over her, pulled out a blade and held it inches from her throat. Then, the blade sliced up Valkyrie's armor, exposing her body. Hela's blade graced Valkyrie's toned abs, the sharp tip playing with her skin. Valkyrie shuddered as the blade crept up her body, sweat building. Hela then pressed the blade against


Valkyrie's chin. "I will make sure your demise is long and painful." Hela grabbed her arms, hoisted them above her head, then drove a blade into her wrists. Valkyrie cried out in pain. "I love your screams!" Hela's hands massaged Valkyrie's chest and abs. As Valkyrie shook and struggled, Hela shot two more blades into Valkyrie's legs, pinning her to the floor. "You have a few minutes before you bleed out dear." Valkyrie became quiet, letting out only moans. Hela's fingers grew claws, and scratched Valkyrie's exposed skin and body. One hand grabbed hold of Valkyrie's chin tightly, and her other hand played with her stomach.

Natasha and Wanda woke up in Thanos's ship, their arms bound above their heads. Proxima Midnight


walked into the room, walked behind Natasha, and then one arm wrapped around her neck while the other grabbed her breast. "What are you doing?" "Human females..." As Proxima fondled Natasha, her other hand grabbed her

Scarlet witch2

mouth and pushed her head back, exposing her neck. Proxima then pulled out a knife and cut Natasha's vest, revealing her skintight black suit. Proxima shoved a


black sphere into Natasha's mouth and then both hand grabbed her chest. Her hands moved to her waist, stomach, and then grabbed hold of her butt. Proxima licked her lips as her hand dug into Natasha's butt. "Stop it!" The knife sliced Natasha's shirt from the back. Proxima licked Natasha's back before ripping it off, exposing Natasha's bra. One hand continued to play with her chest, while the other reached down and dug between her legs. "NMMM!" Proxima then moved onto Wanda. As she stroked her hair, Wanda winced and turned away. "You monster..." Proxima grabbed Wanda neck, strangling her, before grabbing her chin and turning it towards her. "Of course I am." Proxima used the knife to cut off Wanda's jacket, leaving her corset. Proxima groped Wanda's chest, and then cut it down the middle. Proxima bit Wanda's ear while her hands ran down her sides and squeezed her nipples. Tears ran down Wanda's face as Proxima's claws massaged her stomach and ran down her legs.