Ayesha's men carried Gamora and Nebula into the room, their arms bound my handcuffs. "You were so foolish to think that I would simply return for sister," Ayesha said. "But I have other motives." Nebula was


thrown and pinned onto a table in front of Ayesha. "You'll pay for this." "No. But you will." Nebula's wrists and ankles were bound my cuffs, and Ayesha's hand graced Nebula's chin. "The two daughters of Thanos, in my grasp." She grabbed hold of Nebula's chin and leaned in close. "I'll have lots of fun." Ayesha's other hand grabbed Nebula's chest and squeezed. "Stop it!" Gamora cried, before a hand clapped over her mouth and an arm locked her neck in place. Nebula struggled and bit Ayesha's hand. "OW!" Ayesha slapped Nebula across the face, before grabbing her face so she stared right at her. "Now, you obey me." She pulled out a strip of leather gold and tied it between Nebula's teeth, acting as a gag. Ayesha used a knife to cut Nebula's shirt, revealing her toned body. Her hand ran along Nebula's abs, chest and neck. Her fingers graced her toned arms. "So


beautiful..." Ayesha's lips wrapped around Nebula's nipples, and Nebula's body writhed around and struggled. "Stop it... soon you will enjoy this..." Gamora struggled as Ayesha's other hand massaged Nebula's other breast. Her hand ran down to Nebula's stomach, feeling the toned muscles, before sneaking under her belt and pants. Nebula cried out but the gag was in the way. "It has been a long time since I've participated in the archaic ways of my ancestors." As Ayesha continued, Gamora was pinned to the floor, her wrists and ankles bolted to the floor. Her chest was pressed against the cold floor as Ayesha let go of Nebula and stood over Gamora. "It's your turn too." Ayesha's hand grabbed Gamora's neck and her other hand grabbed her hair and lifted her head. "You'll pay for what you did to Nebula." "I want you to scream." Ayesha ripped apart Gamora's shirt and felt her toned shoulders and back. Then, her hand clasped around her butt and squeezed. "Grrrrr!!!" Ayesha then pulled out a golden cord and wrapped around Gamora's throat and pulled. Gamora gasped for air. Her body writhed in pain. Ayesha let go, and while Gamora gasped for air, Ayesha pulled out a whip and whacked Gamora's back. Red marks scratched her green toned back. Ayesha then sat on her back, and then her hands moved below and groped Gamora's chest. "You two will be the best of hostages..."