Fergie, dressed as a teacher, walked up to my desk and slapped it with her ruler. "No sleeping in class!" "I'm sorry, teacher, I was just distracted by your big brea-" She grabbed me by my chin. "My breasts?" I nodded. "Well, then..." She un-buttoned her top, revealing her breasts and her bra. She pushed my face into her cleavage and heaved a moan. After a bit, she let go and pushed me back. Then, she knocked me out.

I woke up in a white room with only my briefs. Fergie walked up to me in a white bikini. She poured milk all over my body. "You got your milk money?" I nodded. Then, she poured the milk on my briefs. She rubbed it with her high heel. Then, she bit my nipples and rubbed the milk around my body. "I got your milf money." She took off my briefs, revealing my bent erect penis. She began to suck my dick. "Oh yeah... so nice..." Suddenly, Fergie's friends pinned my arms and legs to the floor as Fergie continued to stroke my cock. After a climaxed she let go. My cum dripped down my shaft. "It's milking time." She started to run her hand up and down my penis. My body shuddered with every stroke. "Please..." I exploded again. Then, she brought out an electric dick pump, and it sucked up my crotch. My body shook in agony as my dick shot its load. My penis was red and shaking. Fergie lightly touched the tip and I screamed in agony. "I can't... take it.. it's too sensitive..." Fergie frowned and slammed her high heel into my balls. "You motherfucker."