I sat beside the pool, relaxibg. Then Iggy Azalea slowly stepped out of thr pool, wearing her chain bottom and red top. She walked up to me, her wide hips swaying back and forth. She stood over me, water dripping from her body onto mine. "Hey, boy." She leaned over me and began to crawl up my body. One hand grabbed hold of my swimsuit, between my legs. "Look at me." I looked at her, and spotted her breasts hanging down behind her top, and her giant ass spilling out of her swimsuit. "I'm gonna change your life." She began to lick my swimsuit, giggling. Then, she ripped off my swimsuit, throwing it into the water. Her lips swallowed my cock, using her tongue to stimulate the head, her mouth moving up and down. Her hands massaged my balls. After a little bit, I struggled away, pushing her aside. "I'd like to continue, but I can't." "Why? Your girlfriend doesn't know. Besides, I'm Iggy freaking Azalea. Just let it happen." I tried to run, but she tackled me and dragged me into the pool. She used one arm to pin my neck to her body, and the other one and grab and play with my crotch. I could feel her breasts squished up against my back. As Iggy stroked her hand back and forth, she began to kiss and lick her face and ear. She bit my ear and smiled. I broke free of her grip again, and I swam across the pool. As I got out of the pool, she grabbed me. She pinned me against the wall of the pool, I faced away from her. She grabbed my throat with her hand and lightly squeezed. Then she using her other hand and squeezed my buttcheeks. Then she rubbed my balls with her knee. Then, she threw me onto the deck. She pinned me down and kissed me. Her hand felt my wet body. Then, she kneed my groin, hard. As I cried out in pain, she turned around and pressed her ass against my face. Her cheeks suffocated me. As she pressed her butt into my face, she continued to suck my dick.