I was tied up and blindfolded, and my leathered groin was pressed up by a wooden bar. My mistress walked up to me, holding a whip and whacked my chest, and then massaged my firm pecs and abs. Then, she grabbed my crotch and began to rub her hand back and forth, eventually making me explode. I squirmed as she continued to jerk me off.


The librarian pushed me against the bookshelf and and pulled down my pants. I could feel her enormous breasts pressing against my back. She took a hold of my penis and began to move her hand back and forth. My legs became jelly, and she held my body close to hers.


She pinned me to the floor, and skeletal hands grabbed my wrists, ankles, neck and head. She put a hand over my mouth and stuck her fingers between my lips. She began to lick my nipples and caress my chest and arms. She rubbed her butt against my cock, the shaft caught between her cheeks. As I exploded, skeletal hands grabbed my balls and squeezed.


The nurse tied my wrists to the bedpost and pulled down my pants, revealing my erect penis. She rubbed my belly before jerking me off. As she pleasured me, she licked my belly and face.


The teacher pinned me to the wall and pressed her body against mine. She pulled down my pants and with a sadistic grin began to jerk me off. As I closed my eyes and indulged in the pleasure, she held my head, her breasts nearly popping out of her blouse. "That's it.. just take it..."