I walked up to the TSA officer and lifted my arms. She waved her detector around, but it started beeping around my chest area. "What are you hiding?" "Nothing." She feels around my chest, and pulls out a small case of drugs. "Illegal. What else do you have on your body?" As she scanned my body for more stuff, the detector beeped around my groin. "Hmmm..." "I swear, I'm not hiding anythi-" "Don't talk. Follow me." I followed her into a separate room. "Please remove your pants." "Ummm..." "Do it or I'll have to take it off myself." I obeyed her instructions, I slowly pulled down my pants, revealing my underwear. She waved the recorder around, and it beeped. "I'm going to have to search." Without warning, she stuck her hands down my underwear and frisked her fingers about. She pulled out another case of drugs. "There it
is." She waved the detector, and it beeped again. "Hiding another one?" "Ummm..." She felt around, but didn't find anything on my hips and bottom. I started to blush as I realized I had hid it right between my balls. Then, her hands slipped around my penis,feeling it around. Then, she slipped her hands between my balls and pulled out the case. "There we are. To think you'd hide it in such as indecent place. You're under arre-" She looked down at my erect penis poking through my underwear. "You...enjoyed that? You pervert." "I-I'm sorry. You were touching me there, so-" She pushes me onto the table and rips off my shirt, exposed my ripped body. She licked her lips and squeezed my groin. "All of that just to be alone with you..." "Wha..." She twisted my nipples and dug her fingers into my pecs. She felt up my abs and massaged my arms. Then she lifted me off the table and her friends came in. She played with my crotch with her hands, and she slapped my chest. She licked my nipples and bit my ear. She grabbed my balls and pulled them down. She grabbed hold of my buttcheeks and squeezed. Then they pinned me face down on the table and pulled down my underwear. The friend grabbed my buttcheeks and spread them. The officer used her gloved hand and stuck her fingers into the hole. I squirmed. Then, she used the baton and stuck it back and forth.