I laid on the floor, sweaty, tired, sore and gasping for air. "Giving up already?" My trainer stood over me.

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"Guess you need some motivation." She leaned over me and kissed me. As she kissed me, her hands ran along my ripped body. She took off my shirt and fondled my pecs. Her sweaty body rubbed up against mine. As she took off my shorts, she rubbed her hand against my groin. Then, she placed her crotch on top of mine and humped back and forth. As she rubbed herself against me, she grabbed hold of my pecs. Then suddenly she stopped and got off of me. Then, a muscular woman locked my neck in between her big arms. "You need more training." My trainer tied my wrists and ankles to the nearby machines.

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The muscular woman let go with one arm and used it scratch and twist my chest. My trainer put on boxing gloves and began to punch my groin over and over. I cried out in pain. She lifted her foot and repeatedly kicked me in between the legs. Then, she ripped my underwear apart, and uppercut my balls. The muscular woman let go of my neck and began to move her muscular hands up and down my shaft. It became tight, and my body became tense. My trainer licked and bit my abs. Then, the muscular women clenched her fist, trapping my groin.